Their ideology is inspired by the work of Bruno Munari, a great Italian designer and artist, who said:

"Why stop playing when we grow up? The project is a game for adults, an intense and exciting moment in which we should have the ability to create and discover the world by having fun."


Concreto Lab converts cement into decorative objects to personalize spaces by living a unique visual and tactile experience.

The design process begins with the decontextualization of the material from its own field of use and the exploration of the formal aesthetic reaches it offers.

The passion for detail, the subtle connection between macro and micro architecture, the attention to man as an individual, the constant search for new forms hidden between the volumes and the voids of everyday objects are the ingredients Concreto Lab uses to consolidate the vision and ideas in the objects they propose.

Concreto Lab pieces are made in Mexico City, Mexico.

Concreto Lab pieces are made in Mexico City, Mexico.