Macrina's pieces are made in Mexico City, Mexico.

Macrina's pieces are made in Mexico City, Mexico.


Olivia León is the genius behind the Macrina line. She's an Industrial Designer who graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana, where she attended pottery internships with Oaxacan artisans and artists.

She began designing 6 years ago, in the City of Oaxaca. She volunteered in local communities where she learnt different techniques to work with clay. Upon her return to Mexico City she began designing his first pieces.

Her main idea is to create objects that are used on a daily basis with materials that are friendly to the environment. In each process, she seeks to generate the minimum impact of ecological footprint. She also aims to preserve this tradition and add value to Mexican crafts.

What she enjoys the most in the creative process is working on the kick wheel, the oldest technique. In this process there must be a perfect synchronization between the hands, the legs and the mind. Being in total connection with the piece means that each one acquires its unique shape.


Favorite quote

"I paint myself, because I am the one I know best" - Frida Kahlo

Favorite Mx designer

Hector Esrawe

Favorite piece of her collection

Mezcaleros Olivia, they were her first pieces

Favorite destination in Mexico and why

Oaxaca, for the cultural richness

Fun fact

Clay craft is a has been around for thousands of years, it requires time and a lot of dedication (approximately 2 weeks per piece) and in rainy season some pieces can't be produced because they break and crackle due to humidity. We could say that clay is a seasonal craft.