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Fernando Rodríguez Durán (Madrid, Spain, 1975), with artistic name Nano Sfera, incorporates his scientific knowledge of the cosmos into his pictorial proposals, generating detailed paintings where art and the science of the universe converge.

For centuries human beings, curious by nature, have always turned their gaze to the sky for contemplation, study and in the search of answers. The observation of the sky has always been a source of knowledge and inspiration; and has driven Nano Sfera to create paintings that fuse his experience as an astrophysicist – the profession he held for ten years in the European Space Agency- with his work as an artist.

The rounded format of the paintings acts as small geometries of the cosmos. Nano Sfera creates compositions of planets and impossible environments with a touch of mystery between the relationships of the constellations in the heavens, the physical laws of nature, the little creatures that live under the stones and humanity.

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